This morning we woke up to two butterflies and just after I took these photos we have another one. I am hoping next Tuesday morning to take the kiddos out and get some photos of these little critters release. I am so excited for them to be free and add a little more beauty to this world! Such an exciting morning.


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30 Years Young

This beautiful mother of two is celebrating her 30th birthday in style. I loved everything about this session and there is so much more to come. We had to post pone her session once due to poor weather conditions but I am so glad we did. The trees were so much fuller, the light was absolutely perfect. The bugs were hungry but we had so much fun. I can not wait to share the rest of the images with you all! 1

What did you do when you woke up?

After a four hour toddler tantrum last night I woke up utterly exhausted, questioning my ability to parent. The first thing I did was look at Facebook, where in the feed I immediately was told that I am not enough. In the feed I read posts about how to  be, how to be a better parent, person, photographer, shopper, business owner, wife, cook, cleaner, accountant, to be more fit, to eat healthier, to  have new things to make my life better. My mind is immediately overwhelmed, reinforcing all the negative thoughts I had in the middle of the night as I begged my toddler to go back to sleep.

Shoulders slumped, spirit crushed and feeling that today, was not going to be a good day, I went downstairs. I hugged my children. I checked on my chrysalis.

I took a moment to reflect on these creatures. Their magic, the magic of change. Complete absolute change, to become something more, something amazing. They do this organically and as the little guy in the last image demonstrates they do it at their own pace and when they are good and ready.

I need to be a butterfly. I need to be more, but not because Facebook tells me I am not enough. But rather because it is natural, normal and beautiful.

I realize that it is time I change my presence of social media. For a long time I used it to learn to be a better photographer, shop for the best props, and grow as a business owner. Now it is time I find balance. I will be removing myself mostly from social media and be using my blog on my website as my primary means to keep all my amazing clients updated on my current photo sessions.




Little C is three months

This session made my heart sing. This little guy loved getting his photos done and was all smiles and telling stories. The beautiful blanket in the image was made with love by one of his grandparents. I love including these precious items in clients images. I do not get a lot of requests for the three month milestone but if they all go like they did today, well I will do them all.

One reason this session especially speaks to my heart is because almost exactly three years ago, without my knowing, my journey as a photographer began. You see my little guy was about this age and I decided to do my first stylized shoot (although I had no idea what it was called.) I decided I wanted Pinterest worthy images of him. So I took my camera off of automatic and got a bunch of props and decided to pose my little man. I have to say after a few thousand (literally I believe it was almost 3 thousand photos I took) photos I was pretty sure I got at least ten pro-worthy images. (Definitely not pro worthy). It was hard, but I loved the images and it was so worth it.

This beautiful boy I had in today absolutely reminded my of my precious son, and the day I started my journey towards being a professional photographer. The best part is this little man has an incredible mom and we easily chatted about what it’s like being a new mom. Listening to her,  just took me right back on my journey to that oh so precious time with my little guy. I am so grateful today that I can capture these images for moms like her so she can hold on to these memories forever.

*First picture is of the little handsome guy from today.

*Second picture the lovely mama took of me acting like a crazy person to get this little mans perfect little smile.

*The third image is one of the five “pro-images” I accidentally successfully caught of my own little man.

1K WorkingDSC_2332



My kiddos and I have been watching the caterpillars grow for about a week now, they are almost four to six times bigger than when we got them. We bought them through the Education Station in St. Albert. Each morning my son has been running downstairs and telling me about their growth. His excitement has been so contagious and our whole family is in love with watching these critters grow and change. This morning the first one formed his little chrysalis which means in about two days we will be setting up their habitat so we can transfer them there where they will then develop into butterflies. Once they are strong enough and ready we will be releasing them which of course I will have to doll my babies up and we will have to take some magical photos of their release. I am so excited!!!  *Please excuse the image quality, these are just cell phone images*image1image2

Beautiful ladies in beautiful gowns

I had asked my lovely friend and photographer if her and her girls would want to model some of my gowns for me so all my amazing clients can see how incredible a session will look with these dresses. This stunning mama and her equally beautiful girls exceeded my expectations for their session.

These gowns come from Sew Trendy, Chicaboo and Dollcake. They are all considered boutique gowns, most are fairly versatile in the sizes they accommodate and colours can be adjusted in photoshop if you find you love a style but not a certain colour. If you do wish to book a session I do recommend having a slip or nude undergarments for lighter coloured gowns, as well as seamless ones if at all possible.

It is so rare that us moms get in front of the camera we are always so busy chasing kids or trying to capture them in their moment that we forget we need to also get in front of the camera.

We worry so much about those few extra pounds that we are waiting to come off or to firm up our mommy tummy before we get our photos. But here are two things to remember is 1) Your kids do not care about those extra pounds, but they do care about creating memories with the most important woman in their lives. 2) It is my job to take photos at the best angles to most flatter you, it is my job to cull out any images that might not be most flattering to you, and lastly minor adjustments can me made in photoshop.

I hope in knowing these things you can just relax in front of the camera and truly enjoy your children, be with your children and allow me to capture these precious moments that you will never get back.


Winter Engagement

Sent this gallery home to this incredibly sweet couple who won my giveaway. I am really not missing the snow, but this couple made the sun shine just a little brighter. They seemed so connected and required very little prompting. I could have photographed them all evening, too bad the sun was going down. So excited to do more engagement photos these have got to be some of my favourite type of sessions.

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Rainbow Baby Complete

Beautiful Baby Caroline is one of those special babies who we call a rainbow baby. Rainbow babies are babies who are born after the family has suffered a loss, miscarriage or infertility. These babies are embraced wholehearted as they are the joy after sadness.

This beautiful girl made me work hard for her session but when we did get her asleep and posed she was absolute perfection. Some families all they want is the perfect posed sleeping baby, but their family wants to remember everything including her fierce determination to run her photo session her way.

Obviously the setup with the rainbow colours are because she is a rainbow baby. But what you might not know is that the material underneath baby is the same skirt that mom wore for her maternity photos making it extra special for the family.

As mentioned in my previous blog, the coffee setup is a composite I selected intentionally  for this family because mom loves her coffee and that was part of how she announced to friends and family that she was pregnant. The posed shots in the bucket are what I used to set up baby so I could use it for the coffee shot, but also because sometimes its those simple colours that work so well in our homes.

And lastly this perfect beauty is extra special because she is a military child and of course April is Military Child Month.

And the beautiful snow flake one is so mom can have images that are just about baby being baby.

This beautiful girl is already so loved in our community and I am excited to watch her grow.


Coffee Baby

Here is another one from sweet baby C session yesterday. Mom is a total coffee addict so I really wanted to include something in her story about that. One of the ways she announced her pregnancy was by asking people if they had noticed she hadn’t been drinking coffee in a while.

Props are expensive and take up a lot of room. So using digital backdrops can save money and save space so I do not have to constantly purchase props for something that I may only use once. Sometimes I buy them, sometimes I create them myself. This one in particular I bought.

Often if someone wants a specific theme for their session I can purchase the backdrop in advance and then I can really plan the poses and lighting to match making my job much easier. If you book far enough in advance I can definitely go on the hunt for the perfect setup for you.



Styled Mothers Day Mini

I was so excited to get some examples of my new gowns that are coordinating for mommy and me sessions. These are not all my gowns for sure but can give you an idea of what the sessions will look like. The more into spring we get the more greens and flowers we will have. So if you love the soft brown earthy colours book your session asap because I believe spring is going to come fast and hard. If you want the bright vibrant colours of spring then a May booking will be ideal. Keep in mind sessions are booking up fast so book as soon as you know your May schedule.

I had asked these three beauties to model for me. The mother, also an incredible photographer and an amazing friend is nothing but an inspiration. Her two beautiful military children (April Military Child month) inspire me with their incredible joy, love and connection. The girls were cold but at the end of the night asked if they could do it again. I can not wait to show you the images of these girls in the boutique gowns I have.

Red Mom gown is from Sew Trendy Accessories

All other gowns are from Chicaboo21

Military Child

April is the month of the military child. Why is this so important? Because children with a parent of in the military have such a unique upbringing. They face many challenges throughout their childhood. They grow up with many goodbyes, long partings, kinships/connections of extended family have many miles in-between and deal with everyday challenges that most people have never experienced. These children are resilient, adaptable and show a strength to be admired.

I have been waiting for this little peanut to come earth side up since this summer. I have been planing her session for months. Not only is she the beautiful baby of a fellow military spouse, she is the new sister to one of my sons friends. What makes this image extra special is that this stunning outfit was also created by a military wife from Pixel Weave Boutique.

This little  beauty at nine days old made me work hard for my images as she had different ideas about how to spend a Saturday morning. But the images we did get make my heart sing.

Stay tuned for more images from her set.

*mini teddy from Chicaboo


Spring Specials

I am so excited for the weather to get nicer and to be doing more sessions outdoors. My favourite time of year to do photos is in spring when the light is softer, the plants start to bloom and the air is fresh.

I have a few specials I am offering for the months of April and May. Please contact if you have any questions about any of upcoming sessions. There are limited spaces available so please book your session as soon as possible.

Beautiful boutique gowns will be offered for select sessions for client use.

***50% deposit and signed contract is required for all sessions to reserve your date and time***

MothersdayspecialMothersspecialoriceEngagement special

Sugar and Spice


Starting in the new year I decided it was time to switch up my pricing and packages. One of the changes that I made was offering “Baby Only” newborn sessions. This allowed to me to offer smaller package at a more affordable rate for families. {Don’t worry I do also still offer a larger package that include family and sibling}

Well this little beauty came in for my first “Baby Only” session. She was a little bit older at 17 days old which can make the session sometimes more challenging as at this age babies can be more alert/awake, have possible colic and are more prone to skin rashes. But one of the wonderful things about this age is we get to see more personality for the little wee ones.


This gorgeous sweetheart gave me lots of smiles (usually while being held or when I put my camera down), and she gave me some fierceness. Although we all love the perfect smiling baby images, I also love the babies who give me a little more.


The moment I saw her I knew she had personality just looking at her sweet face.


The pose with moms hands in them was meant to be a composite, this is where a parent or assistant will hold baby and move their hands and then in photoshop I will merge the two images together. However this little nugget decided she wanted nothing to do with this pose, so after one quick shot, we moved on to a different position which she liked much more.

However this one shot I did get I absolutely loved, I feel it really told a part of the story we don’t always get to see in the collection of photos. I was over the moon delighted when the family selected the image as part of their gallery. To be honest I almost didn’t include it and second guessed myself.


I hope you all love it as much as I do.


Rainbow Baby

After every storm there is a rainbow. Rainbow Babies are being recognized more in todays society. Something for so long our society never spoke about was miscarriage and loss. People are learning to use their voice and talk about the things that we hold so close to our hearts. Speaking about it helps people feel not so alone in times of sadness and gives us people who can understand and share our joys.

This gorgeous momma is celebrating through maternity photos the joy and excitement of the new life she carries, while at the same time honouring the loss and challenges she had prior. I have nothing but admiration and respect for the strength and courage this beautiful mama has.





A New Beautiful You

I would like to start to offer semi annual boudoir marathons with unique beautiful locations. I have created a boudoir group on Facebook to help women lift each other up to make positive improvements and choices to reach healthier goals.

I am motivated to do this because I have myself realized I need to make some healthier changes in my life in both physical and mental aspects. Since becoming a mom and business owner I have lost sight of the importance of taking care of myself.

I know personally I am much better at accomplishing my goals when I have supportive people in my lives helping me reach my goals, and motivating me to keep going. I also know that if I have invested something into it I am more likely to reach those goals. So by creating a marathon I am hoping and a small group of women will work together and celebrate our victories and understand our setbacks. If this is something you need please feel free to peruse the packages I have on my website, and join my Facebook group. And please never hesitate with any questions you might have. I am so excited to start this journey with some amazing women!

Beautiful model above is Amber Leah, we did an awesome session last summer and are waiting to be published. I can not wait to share those images with you all.

Facebook Group

No Sibling Rivalry Here

You may recall this little mans handsome face from the maternity session I did in the greenhouse. Well this time when he walked in he walked in like he owned the session. He did everything asked of him and more. I am pretty sure it wasn’t my awesome mom jokes that were making this little man smile. There was so much love and sweetness he had for his baby sister. I am pretty sure he would have done the session standing on his head if it was for this sweet baby girl.

More details of this session to come…


First Little Beauty

This family booked me back in early winter for their first babies newborn session. I have been planning this session for months and was super excited to use some new props. I did try out a new poser which I still need to work on figuring out all the wonderful ways to use it. This beautiful baby really wanted to see everything going on. She  didn’t want to sleep, but when she did she slept like an angel. I could not get over her eyelashes and how incredibly sweet she is. You can can clearly see where she got her beauty from as her mother is stunning mother, and the way her parents look at each other you know their is a lot of love in this family. Such a wonderful session.


She is Fierce

This beautiful 17 day new baby girl came in today for her mini newborn session. She was awake for all but 10 minutes of her session. She was curious and she has such an expressive face that I just absolutely enjoyed watching. 17 days can be a tough age to photograph because they often do not sleep as deeply as younger babies, but I really can’t complain because she had so many beautiful awake expressions. PS she has one of my favourite bloopers images yet! I can not wait to share that one with you all.
***Clients if you love your sneak peek images as much as I love them please feel free to share to your Facebook timeline. Please do not edit images as Copyright remains that of Take A Little Paws Photography***

Dream Maternity Session

This beautiful mama contacted my as soon as she discovered she was expecting. We were both so excited to do her session but we had a few months yet before her beautiful bump was ready for photos.

Meanwhile I expanded my maternity gown collection and grew as a photographer.

As her due date approach we began to make plans. Our original idea was to do the session outdoors, but it has been an insanely cold winter. So I decided to hunt around for new location ideas.

I contacted a few places, and was delighted when I reached the Salisbury Team to use the Salisbury Greenhouse. Although I had never been there myself I had heard good things. Through email they downplayed the magnificence that is their location, which can only mean that during prime season it is even more beautiful.

However when this family and I showed up we were over the moon excited at how beautiful it was. The staff were super friendly and the place was so well kept it was such a great experience.

Between the lighting, the beauty and the deep connection this family had it made for the perfect session. Plus the awesome sense of humour and laughter I couldn’t help but fall in love with this session.

The dad in these photos and the dad from another session I did last summer are both members of the same heavy metal band, which I thought was pretty neat. Last time I got photos with drums, this time I will get to use an electric guitar which I am so excited for.