Kids and Chicks

I grew up on a farm on Vancouver Island, which meant that I became friends with the local neighbourhood children. One friend I made in middle school, who was always coming over to my farm to visit and play. When I moved to Saskatchewan her and I lost touch.

It wasn’t until I was in the middle of my first pregnancy and posted to Edmonton that her and I reconnected. Funny enough she was also pregnant (with twins) when we moved here. It was really nice to have a friend who was pregnant and who had already done this once.

Our children were born 3 weeks apart, it has been so cool watching them grown and develop a friendship. My kids both call her Aunty because we have become so close and there is something to be said about friendships that move across time.

Ironically enough this time around she is the one who lives on the farm and we go see her and visit the animals and the kids play for hours. Last year you might have seen the images I posted of my kids playing with her kids, and they were all playing with the kids (see what I did there?) and by that I mean baby goats.

During our most recent visit, this family was raising some chicks in their home which will later become laying hens. These chicks have been so gently cared for and loved, that when we took them outside to be with the kids they were so relaxed and calm.

My friend diligently sat close by as I photographed the magic of the kids wonder and gentleness as each kid held the babies. It was the sweetest thing, all of the children have been regularly exposed to small animals and taught how to be gentle. I would not do regular sessions with children who have not been exposed to small animals and been taught to be gentle. Nor would I put animals who have never been exposed to small children in a situation that might stress them out with excited children.


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