First Baby Gender Reveal



This ever so sweet couple approached me to capture their gender reveal. They had three things they wanted 1) To include their four legged babies 2) To use smoke bombs 3) To use non-traditional gender reveal colours. Green (boy) & Purple (girl).

I was excited to help them tell their story and was honoured they trusted me to capture this incredible moment in their journey.

When these two showed up with a joy that was so contagious, a helper and their two beautiful pups, I knew this was going to be an amazing session.

I just had to catch a couple of pictures of the couple while they had no clue what they were having.


Of course we had to do a few trial runs to ensure we got our timings, distance and focus right. Funny enough while we were doing our dress rehearsal, I caught the helper (aka the expecting mothers sister) peeking in the envelope.

To quote the mama “don’t look at me, I will be able to tell by your face what it is!”

Shortly after that we were ready for the reveal.

Let me tell  you these two pups were absolutely perfect they listened brilliantly and were just happy to be included.


Pretty sure they are just as excited as their human parents for the new member of the family.




Once we captured this couples absolute surprise (they were certain they were having a boy) we went out  into a field with the setting sun and caught some magic that capture their love, their excitement and the magic of what is the start of their future.

I am so happy for this couple and the journey they are about to have. Having a girl is a wonderful gift and I am sure it will both challenge them and bring them unlimited joy.


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