What did you do when you woke up?

After a four hour toddler tantrum last night I woke up utterly exhausted, questioning my ability to parent. The first thing I did was look at Facebook, where in the feed I immediately was told that I am not enough. In the feed I read posts about how to  be, how to be a better parent, person, photographer, shopper, business owner, wife, cook, cleaner, accountant, to be more fit, to eat healthier, to  have new things to make my life better. My mind is immediately overwhelmed, reinforcing all the negative thoughts I had in the middle of the night as I begged my toddler to go back to sleep.

Shoulders slumped, spirit crushed and feeling that today, was not going to be a good day, I went downstairs. I hugged my children. I checked on my chrysalis.

I took a moment to reflect on these creatures. Their magic, the magic of change. Complete absolute change, to become something more, something amazing. They do this organically and as the little guy in the last image demonstrates they do it at their own pace and when they are good and ready.

I need to be a butterfly. I need to be more, but not because Facebook tells me I am not enough. But rather because it is natural, normal and beautiful.

I realize that it is time I change my presence of social media. For a long time I used it to learn to be a better photographer, shop for the best props, and grow as a business owner. Now it is time I find balance. I will be removing myself mostly from social media and be using my blog on my website as my primary means to keep all my amazing clients updated on my current photo sessions.




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