Little C is three months

This session made my heart sing. This little guy loved getting his photos done and was all smiles and telling stories. The beautiful blanket in the image was made with love by one of his grandparents. I love including these precious items in clients images. I do not get a lot of requests for the three month milestone but if they all go like they did today, well I will do them all.

One reason this session especially speaks to my heart is because almost exactly three years ago, without my knowing, my journey as a photographer began. You see my little guy was about this age and I decided to do my first stylized shoot (although I had no idea what it was called.) I decided I wanted Pinterest worthy images of him. So I took my camera off of automatic and got a bunch of props and decided to pose my little man. I have to say after a few thousand (literally I believe it was almost 3 thousand photos I took) photos I was pretty sure I got at least ten pro-worthy images. (Definitely not pro worthy). It was hard, but I loved the images and it was so worth it.

This beautiful boy I had in today absolutely reminded my of my precious son, and the day I started my journey towards being a professional photographer. The best part is this little man has an incredible mom and we easily chatted about what it’s like being a new mom. Listening to her,  just took me right back on my journey to that oh so precious time with my little guy. I am so grateful today that I can capture these images for moms like her so she can hold on to these memories forever.

*First picture is of the little handsome guy from today.

*Second picture the lovely mama took of me acting like a crazy person to get this little mans perfect little smile.

*The third image is one of the five “pro-images” I accidentally successfully caught of my own little man.

1K WorkingDSC_2332


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