Beautiful ladies in beautiful gowns

I had asked my lovely friend and photographer if her and her girls would want to model some of my gowns for me so all my amazing clients can see how incredible a session will look with these dresses. This stunning mama and her equally beautiful girls exceeded my expectations for their session.

These gowns come from Sew Trendy, Chicaboo and Dollcake. They are all considered boutique gowns, most are fairly versatile in the sizes they accommodate and colours can be adjusted in photoshop if you find you love a style but not a certain colour. If you do wish to book a session I do recommend having a slip or nude undergarments for lighter coloured gowns, as well as seamless ones if at all possible.

It is so rare that us moms get in front of the camera we are always so busy chasing kids or trying to capture them in their moment that we forget we need to also get in front of the camera.

We worry so much about those few extra pounds that we are waiting to come off or to firm up our mommy tummy before we get our photos. But here are two things to remember is 1) Your kids do not care about those extra pounds, but they do care about creating memories with the most important woman in their lives. 2) It is my job to take photos at the best angles to most flatter you, it is my job to cull out any images that might not be most flattering to you, and lastly minor adjustments can me made in photoshop.

I hope in knowing these things you can just relax in front of the camera and truly enjoy your children, be with your children and allow me to capture these precious moments that you will never get back.


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