Rainbow Baby Complete

Beautiful Baby Caroline is one of those special babies who we call a rainbow baby. Rainbow babies are babies who are born after the family has suffered a loss, miscarriage or infertility. These babies are embraced wholehearted as they are the joy after sadness.

This beautiful girl made me work hard for her session but when we did get her asleep and posed she was absolute perfection. Some families all they want is the perfect posed sleeping baby, but their family wants to remember everything including her fierce determination to run her photo session her way.

Obviously the setup with the rainbow colours are because she is a rainbow baby. But what you might not know is that the material underneath baby is the same skirt that mom wore for her maternity photos making it extra special for the family.

As mentioned in my previous blog, the coffee setup is a composite I selected intentionally  for this family because mom loves her coffee and that was part of how she announced to friends and family that she was pregnant. The posed shots in the bucket are what I used to set up baby so I could use it for the coffee shot, but also because sometimes its those simple colours that work so well in our homes.

And lastly this perfect beauty is extra special because she is a military child and of course April is Military Child Month.

And the beautiful snow flake one is so mom can have images that are just about baby being baby.

This beautiful girl is already so loved in our community and I am excited to watch her grow.


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