Military Child

April is the month of the military child. Why is this so important? Because children with a parent of in the military have such a unique upbringing. They face many challenges throughout their childhood. They grow up with many goodbyes, long partings, kinships/connections of extended family have many miles in-between and deal with everyday challenges that most people have never experienced. These children are resilient, adaptable and show a strength to be admired.

I have been waiting for this little peanut to come earth side up since this summer. I have been planing her session for months. Not only is she the beautiful baby of a fellow military spouse, she is the new sister to one of my sons friends. What makes this image extra special is that this stunning outfit was also created by a military wife from Pixel Weave Boutique.

This little  beauty at nine days old made me work hard for my images as she had different ideas about how to spend a Saturday morning. But the images we did get make my heart sing.

Stay tuned for more images from her set.

*mini teddy from Chicaboo


2 Comments on “Military Child

  1. Beautiful job 💖 This is one of the photos I was looking forward to!!!

    • Thank you, it is definitely one of my favourites.

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