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Starting in the new year I decided it was time to switch up my pricing and packages. One of the changes that I made was offering “Baby Only” newborn sessions. This allowed to me to offer smaller package at a more affordable rate for families. {Don’t worry I do also still offer a larger package that include family and sibling}

Well this little beauty came in for my first “Baby Only” session. She was a little bit older at 17 days old which can make the session sometimes more challenging as at this age babies can be more alert/awake, have possible colic and are more prone to skin rashes. But one of the wonderful things about this age is we get to see more personality for the little wee ones.


This gorgeous sweetheart gave me lots of smiles (usually while being held or when I put my camera down), and she gave me some fierceness. Although we all love the perfect smiling baby images, I also love the babies who give me a little more.


The moment I saw her I knew she had personality just looking at her sweet face.


The pose with moms hands in them was meant to be a composite, this is where a parent or assistant will hold baby and move their hands and then in photoshop I will merge the two images together. However this little nugget decided she wanted nothing to do with this pose, so after one quick shot, we moved on to a different position which she liked much more.

However this one shot I did get I absolutely loved, I feel it really told a part of the story we don’t always get to see in the collection of photos. I was over the moon delighted when the family selected the image as part of their gallery. To be honest I almost didn’t include it and second guessed myself.


I hope you all love it as much as I do.


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