A New Beautiful You

I would like to start to offer semi annual boudoir marathons with unique beautiful locations. I have created a boudoir group on Facebook to help women lift each other up to make positive improvements and choices to reach healthier goals.

I am motivated to do this because I have myself realized I need to make some healthier changes in my life in both physical and mental aspects. Since becoming a mom and business owner I have lost sight of the importance of taking care of myself.

I know personally I am much better at accomplishing my goals when I have supportive people in my lives helping me reach my goals, and motivating me to keep going. I also know that if I have invested something into it I am more likely to reach those goals. So by creating a marathon I am hoping and a small group of women will work together and celebrate our victories and understand our setbacks. If this is something you need please feel free to peruse the packages I have on my website, and join my Facebook group. And please never hesitate with any questions you might have. I am so excited to start this journey with some amazing women!

Beautiful model above is Amber Leah, we did an awesome session last summer and are waiting to be published. I can not wait to share those images with you all.

Facebook Group

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