STAHM & Homeschooling

As soon as we become parents we begin to think about our children’s futures and what kind of parents we aspire to be. I have always entertained the idea of homeschooling. Now that I actually have children, and my oldest just turned three I have come to really think a lot about their future and education.

Two wonderful things about my photography is, 1) it allows me the flexibility to have the time to homeschool. The beautiful thing about light it the best time to do photo sessions is to do them at golden hour which is always in the evenings 1-2 hours before sunset. As well most people prefer to do their sessions on weekends anyways. So time works perfect for me. 2) I have the joy of documenting my children’s learning and adventures with my camera. I love watching these little people learn and grow. I am excited every time I seem the grasp and new concept. I love watching their little personalities develop and grow. As wonderful as stylized sessions are, the planning, the art, the setting it up is wonderful, lifestyle captures my heart in the randomness and chaos. I love running to grab my camera to capture those little treasured moments. Hopefully you all will join me in witnessing the journey I take as my family learns and grows.


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