A Humbling Family Day

Today we had the privilege of attending a Family Day event that our community puts on that is free for people to attend. They do these a few times a year for families. Like all others in the past I chased my children around, overwhelmed by the sheer number of people. The mom tog in me frantically searching for my camera, getting the settings right and capturing the precious moments of pure joy, curiosity and excitement on my children’s faces. In-between those moments I stop and briefly chat with the other families I know in the community who are also chasing around their over-excited, over-stimulated children. Today was no different. Except while I chatted with one family, unknowingly to both of us, their home had caught fire. They not only lost their possessions but also their four legged family member.

Hearing this my heart broke for them. I found out rather quickly because not only did I know them personally, the family who lived in the attached house is a close personal friend. They were more fortunate that the flames did not get into their home. However due to smoke they had vacate.

All day I have spent wishing there was something I could do, something to help ease their suffering. As I sat at my computer I perused our local Facebook community. The concern, love, care, compassion and worry that people were posting made my heart proud of the life we live. I am so saddened by their losses, but I hope that as time moves forward and their grief softens, they will know how deep this community cares.

From this experience I have been humbled from the little worries that plague my shoulders. I am humbled at the kindness of strangers, at the strength of the families behind the uniform and at the commitment we have to look out for each other. I am reminded how important the little in-between moments are and how quickly things can change. I have been cursing how challenging starting a photography business has been, but now realize that these challenges push me to be better, to get better, and as so I now have the ability to capture the in-between moments to treasure for a life time. My camera was a little broken (being sent away for repairs tomorrow) but I am still happy I caught a few from today.

My thoughts and heart remain with the family and hope they reach out and accept this community has to offer.



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